Vibia Presents: Iconic Ceiling Lights

August 8, 2022

Think about it: every time we step into a room, our very last move is to glance up – because we intuitively feel that an outstanding luminaire is waiting for us to look at. From contemporary pendants to romantic centrepieces, Vibia’s ceiling lights offer innovation in material, form and lighting effect. This is a selection of some of our most emblematic collections, together with some inspiring ideas for finding wellbeing in any desired space.

Vibia The Edit - Iconic Ceiling Lights - Flat

Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, Flat creates a magical, glare-free lighting effect with a playful, strong design.

Delicate yet strikingly graphic, Flat is made from metallic planes placed at different heights. A study in geometry, the surfaces of these planes reflect the light, projecting an enveloping luminance that appears to come from the inside and to be floating overhead, and perfectly blending with the surrounding architecture.

Top displays a contemporary re-imagining of the timeless ceiling rosette, a pair of simple circles creating a focal point with LED lighting source. This design by Ramos & Bassols casts a uniform halo effect with indirect, subtle light and relaxing illumination, ideal to create warm atmospheres and wellbeing.

Coming in a range of balanced colors, the Top collection brings warmth, wellbeing and an ethereal feel to any interior space, from living rooms and dining areas to work zones.

Ramos & Bassols also designed Duo, an impressive combination of warm wood and industrial metal inspired by sustainability and wellness. A luminaire of compelling material and visual contrast, integrating into the architecture like a skylight channeling the brightness from outside and providing versatility.

Simple volumes meet sculptural quality in Duo, expressly designed for those lower-ceiling rooms where a pendant fitting is not suitable. It stands harmonious and sleek, its satinised diffuser radiating with a soft, diffuse and indirect light.

Arik Levy’s Structural provides a powerful magical light, which bathes the ceilings in a bright wash of direct and indirect light without glare.

Its linear structure contrasts with the eye-catching cubic volumes, which meet or expand to provide myriad lighting solutions and flawless spatial definition.

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