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Wireflow Free-Form

An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

The designer, Arik Levy, presents the Wireflow free-form pendant light. The Wireflow free-form consists of black electrical cable connecting light terminals using LED light. Hanging lamps that can be installed on the ceiling or walls offers the user carte blanche when it comes to creating interior spaces. In this way, Vibia offers lighting solutions to clients who only have access to wall plugs but require a pendant light. There are an infinite number of options to choose from, between 1 and (up to) 9 LEDs, clients can choose between glass or non-glass versions, ambient or accent lighting.  


Designed by

Arik Levy

Arik Levy



Design Concepts

Set them free

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Vibia Wireflow Free Form pendant - Parisienne Assurances Paris

La Parisienne

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