An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

Designed by

Toan Nguyen

Toan Nguyen



Design Concepts

Drops of light

Spreading the light

Lighting notation

Vibia Algorithm Pendant Lamp

Kinetic algorithms

My Pick: 2018 Collections

The tired adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” denotes one essential truth: taste is unquestionably subjective. Happily, our 2018 Spring Collections are characterized by adaptable designs and charming details so that every[...]

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Enviable Entrances Illuminated by Vibia

An entry area is an opportunity to make a strong first impression, and businesses often use this space strategically to telegraph their unique culture and set an immediate mood. A key component in establishing this[...]

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Make A Design Statement With Dazzling Chandeliers

Dramatic lighting is one of best ways to make a design statement, and chandeliers—with their substantial size and striking silhouettes—are ideally suited to the task. Whether creating an eye-catching focal point or filling a soaring[...]

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Making of Algorithm

When a designer launches a finished product there is always a sense of expectation, how will the public react to his or her creation? In the case of Algorithm the designer Toan Nguyen has come[...]

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Algorithm, Best of Year 2017 Winner

ALGORITHM has been selected as Best Architectural Light of the Year by Interior Design. The awards ceremony was held at the IAC building in New York on Friday, December 1 where winners were announced LIVE.[...]

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