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Meridiano lamp collection

, designed by Jordi Vilardell, projects a comfortable light that creates patterns of light and shadow, making a magical luminous effect. The Meridiano light is equipped with a LED light source, which provides an indirect light from beneath its cover. The structure of steel rods is organized in a circular arrangement that create shadows onto the adjacent wall. The Meridiano light is manufactured in two colors which clients can choose from: matte lacquered khaki and matte lacquered off-white.

Designed by

Jordi Vilardell

Jordi Vilardell



Design Concepts

Telling stories

Vibia - Enlightening shadows - Product extension

Product extension

Light is the material

Vibia - Living the outdoor - Light my fire - Meridiano

Light my fire


Vibia - La Casa Sulla Collina

La Casa Sulla Collina

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