Vibia Brightens Rome’s Airport Lounges

2019-03-15T09:08:21+00:003/07/2019 |

These days, few people associate flying with style and comfort. But several new airport lounges challenge those assumptions. Up to You Studio, a creative agency based in Barcelona and Hamburg, specializes in global design projects ...

Vibia Brightens Turin’s Bolpetta Restaurant

2019-03-01T09:45:45+00:003/01/2019 |

Located in the historic Borgo Po district of Turin, Italy, Bolpetta restaurant pays tribute to the renowned gastronomic traditions of the country’s Emilia-Romagna region.   Photo credits: Greta Stella / Velvet Lab   Featuring ...

Vibia Captures 2019 Color Trends

2019-02-21T17:00:06+00:002/06/2019 |

With each new year comes new trends in color. What’s on the design-world radar for 2019? Warm terrocottas, cool greys, and classic greens, to name a few. Incorporating these colors into your lighting scheme ...

Vibia’s Duo: Behind the Design

2019-02-21T17:07:12+00:002/04/2019 |

  Ramos & Bassols relate the technical challenges in using natural materials combined with industrial ones in their latest project for Vibia.     A striking combination of warm wood and industrial ...

Q&A with Lievore Altherr

2019-01-29T10:12:17+00:001/11/2019 |

Lievore Altherr is an acclaimed Barcelona-based design studio with a distinguished 25-year history. Led by principals Alberto Lievore and Jeannette Altherr, the firm specializes in product design and development, creative direction and strategic consulting. ...

A natural touch: Duo by Ramos & Bassols

2019-01-18T18:19:08+00:001/10/2019 |

Designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia, Duo is inspired by nature. Featuring a wood interior and a gently curved organic form, it exudes a soothing, enveloping sensibility. Duo’s simple, circular silhouettes are crafted ...

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