Colnaghi Art Gallery, London. Some things are better with age

2018-05-11T11:02:19+00:00 5/11/2018 |

One of the oldest galleries in the world Colnaghi was originally founded in 18th Century London, dealing exclusively with works by the Old Masters. When the gallery recently moved from its previous address on Bond St. the design of the interiors was entrusted to Diego Fortunato.

2018 Trend Report: Archiproducts Design Experience

2018-05-09T09:04:37+00:00 5/09/2018 |

  Last week over 400,000 companies, creatives, communicators and professionals from the interior design world descended on Milan for the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Milano. Aside from the furniture and design trade ...

Stories behind MAYFAIR

2018-05-11T10:25:13+00:00 5/08/2018 |

Creating a cutting edge collection of lamps with a minimum of superfluous design was the guiding concept behind MAYFAIR whose author Diego Fortunato looked to the classic billiard style lamp for inspiration. The ...

Design through Collaboration with Stefan Diez

2018-04-09T10:31:22+00:00 4/09/2018 |

In celebration of the biennial Light + Building 2018, Vibia partnered with Stylepark and e15 furniture to introduce a new product design collaboration with German industrial designer, Stefan Diez.     The event ...

Vibia Designers Shed Light On The Design Process

2018-04-09T11:25:32+00:00 4/09/2018 |

This year at the biennial event, Light + Building, in Frankfurt, Germany, we were graciously visited by famous product designers, Arik Levy, Stefan Diez and Antoni Arola, to explain the inspiration behind their new ...

Light + Building 2018

2018-04-09T16:08:45+00:00 4/06/2018 |

This year we had a very positive experience in Frankfurt and we would love to share with you its greatest moments. Enjoy some of the instants captured by our camera!     Note: New ...

Match: Avant-Garde in An Alpine Space

2018-04-04T16:42:11+00:00 4/04/2018 |

In an interview, the couple who own this home told Mountain Living that they found the Match light for their dining room before even building the house. Finally finding a place to break ground amid the ...

My Pick: 2018 Collections

2018-04-04T10:14:37+00:00 4/03/2018 |

The tired adage, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," denotes one essential truth: taste is unquestionably subjective. Happily, our 2018 Spring Collections are characterized by adaptable designs and charming details so that ...

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