Productivity Hacks from 5 Design Professionals

2018-09-14T16:16:15+00:009/11/2018 |

These five dynamic design professionals have something in common: they are all amazing at organizing, planning and efficiency. So exactly how do they power through a week of time-crunched creativity, client presentations, job site ...

Standout Ceiling Lights

2018-09-13T09:20:06+00:009/10/2018 |

Ideal for all-around illumination, ceiling lamps often serve as the primary lighting source in a space. But these reliable workhorses can also play an important design role, complementing the architecture and atmosphere or acting ...

Algorithm is Celebrated for Innovation

2018-09-11T21:13:32+00:009/10/2018 |

Algorithm was honored with two awards over the summer, both recognizing the pendant system for innovation in the decorative lighting categories.     Editor of Architectural SSL spoke a few words about this year’s ...

Instagram: Best of the Best

2018-07-31T20:55:12+00:007/25/2018 |

A geometric display of lean lines grounded in a bold, circular base, our PIN wall light by Ichiro Iwasaki doubles as abstract wall art.

Flamingo: Deconstructing Light

2018-08-16T15:58:17+00:007/24/2018 |

A long legged light fitting with luminous plumage The poetic and sculptural qualities of light are expressed beautifully through the FLAMINGO pendant light fitting designed by Antoni Arola.     FLAMINGO is a ...

How To: Design A Place To Cool Out

2018-08-09T14:02:12+00:007/20/2018 |

After hours of baking in the hot sun, a cool and comfortable space to unwind is undeniably a must. So how do you create the design equivalent to ice cream on a hot day? ...

Flamingo: 2018 HD Awards Finalist

2018-07-13T21:31:43+00:007/11/2018 |

This year, Hospitality Design granted FLAMINGO as a finalist in their 14th annual HD Awards! This yearly award celebrates the best achievements in project and product categories from around the world.     FLAMINGO, designed ...

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