Instagram Love: Flat Pendant

May 20, 2022

Lighting a table requires a special kind of lamp. One that responds to all the different activities we do there; that includes socialising, working, relaxing and of course eating. The Flat pendant light collection designed by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia provides an appropriate solution for every scenario. Chameleon like design that seems to adapt to the table, the space and the programme in a unique and individual way. The discs reflect the LED light, an indirect soft illumination.

A single Flat pendant reflects the geometry of the table, its indirect light placed over the centre of the circular shape provides an even and yet focal lighting.


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A pair of Flat lights aligned with the table makes a distinct dining space within an open plan living area.


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Flat has an uncanny capacity to take on the characteristics of its surroundings, here a sculptural table and chairs are compliment by the pendant light above.

A pair of Flat pendants spaced slightly apart to mimic the oval table below hanging low over the table surface to better reflect the light.


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Flat almost disappears when observed at eye level, when seated however it reveals its disks and circular geometry appreciated from the lower eye line.

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