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Customisable products

colecciones configurables

Vibia presents a unique portfolio of modular lighting, providing lighting professionals the opportunity to participate in creating a unique design. The online tool invite users to participate by creating their own settings and configure the luminaire in space that fit the needs and desires of the project

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Custom finish

acabado personalizado

Discover the lamps that allow for customised finishes. The lighting professional can identify and select the exact RAL or Pantone finish to help integrate the fitting with the other features of the space where it will be located.

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Enlightening Shadows

There is no light without shadow to define volumes and delimit spaces. It is a reflection of angle, intensity, opacity…in essence the form and materials of the product itself.


Shape or shadow

When light impacts on the real world it projects a parallel reality, shadows that themselves have an identity and generate perceptions around the surprise of expectation.

Product extension

Deliberate tracings converted into extensions of the same product, illusions of the relationship between the material and the intangible shadow.

Volume modulation

Volumes are generated modeling the space and the different grades of opacity and texture help us to interpret the context and exist within its constituent elements.

How many "folds" do you see?

Impossible figures generated by a game of light and shade that create three dimensional effects over vertical planes.

Eclipse on the wall

Reinterpreting the effect of an eclipse, an imagined world of multiple suns over the horizon of a celestial wall.