An Artful Impact: Vibia Wall Lighting

March 7, 2018

Although intended to illuminate swaths of wall space, some wall lights transcend their practical purpose with designs that double as dramatic décor. Our favorites are those fixtures whose impact extends even beyond their striking physical form. These wall lights produce mesmerizing interplays of light and shadow, their patterns reverberating across the blank canvas of a wall like glowing art installations.






Designed by J.LI. Xuclà for Vibia, Set is a composition of customizable rectangular pieces that produces an endless array of luminary effects depending on how they are positioned. It features one fixed component fitted with an LED that casts its light over the other adjustable parts, each, in turn, emanating elegant rays of light and shadow upwards.




Puck Wall Art




Jordi Vilardell’s Puck Wall Art consists of two disks super-imposed over one another and can be displayed alone or grouped together in customized installations. The organic orbs appear in silhouette, recalling a solar eclipse and forming a moody wall mural that pulses with a soft glow.








Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding paper, Ramón Esteve’s Origami represents an innovative take on the concept of a sconce. The dimensional modules can be combined in countless bespoke compositions, creating displays that spread along a wall like climbing ivy. Powered by an LED light source, an ambient halo around each piece enhances Origami’s artful impact.







An Arik Levy design, Fold features distinctive cubic forms that can be combined in myriad custom arrangements. Its geometric profile yields a striking 3-D effect as light and shadow are projected from the shapes, washing the wall with illuminated chevron patterns.