A New Twist on Arik Levy’s North Collection: A Floor Pendant That Floats

March 6, 2019

Inspired by the strong and steady glow of the North Star in the night sky, Arik Levy’s floating floor pendant creates an entirely new category of lighting. Defined by its deconstructed design, the latest application in Levy’s North collection is an innovative synthesis of floor and suspension fixtures.


Vibia - North Floor Pendant-01


The streamlined pendant hangs from the ceiling by a nearly invisible steel cable, a sleek geometric silhouette that evokes the celestial feel of a form floating in space. North features three discrete pieces: a counterweight on the ground that secures the fixture and guides the electrical cable, a slender carbon fiber stem, and a triangular aluminum shade containing an LED-powered light source—each of which can be positioned wherever necessary.


Vibia - North Floor Pendant-03


By disconnecting the base, stem and shade from one another and reconfiguring them in a dynamic system of adjustable parts, Levy has enabled endless options in illumination. Each component can be adapted as needed, with the stem serving as a flexible axis. The tighter angle of the shade creates a focused pool of downward light in a desired area, while the softer slant of the carbon rod traces an elegant, more open line that’s subtle yet striking.


Vibia - North Floor Pendant-02


Generating a uniform, diffuse light, North is equipped with a push-button dimmer located on the cable. It’s offered in a choice of matte white lacquer, matte cream lacquer, matte blue lacquer, and matte graphite lacquer finishes.


Vibia - North Floor Pendant-06