Lighting the vertical surfaces of outdoor settings 

4th June, 2018

With the arrival of spring and summer the outdoors becomes an extension of the home and as such an area where lighting plays an important role in setting the atmosphere. With a range of wall lights to choose from Vibia lighting offers a solution for any outdoor setting, whether it be a terrace or an open garden surrounded by nature. Fittings with an IP65 rating and LED source that match technical performance with design flare.


Vibia Stories OutdoorWall Origami_1


Origami is both a wall light and artistic installation created for Vibia by Ramon Esteve, its design is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, here a single fitting or series of fittings create a fluid tracing of indirect light over walls with a marked sculptural character.


Vibia Stories OutdoorWall Bamboo_14


The Bamboo wall lights, from the Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez Bamboo collection, recreates a stub protruding from its setting that throws an arc of light over the adjacent surface. A naturalistic and subtle illumination for creating an intimate and warm ambience.


Vibia Stories OutdoorWall Meridiano_3


The Meridiano wall light designed for Vibia by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal is a wall sculpture that creates a geometric motif of light and shade, a lamp that reflects the metal wire structure of the collection beautifully adapted to highlight vertical surfaces.


Vibia Stories OutdoorWall Break_ambiente


Break is a Xuclà & Alemany design the wall version of which consists of a subtle volume that perches on vertical surfaces, and can be angled as required to provide an up or down-light. A sculptural cubic volume available in earthy colour choices to compliment a setting even when turned off.


Vibia Stories Outdoor Wall - Micro_2015-03_Ambiente


The Micro wall light is a Ramos & Bassols design that as its name suggests is small but perfectly formed, just 10 cm in diameter but with a powerful luminance impact that is ideal for generating a subtle and contemporary lighting effect in the outdoors.


Vibia Stories OutdoorWall Scotch_05


And finally the Scotch light with its pressed glass diffuser, a Oscar & Sergi Devesa design that is equally appropriate for outdoor ceiling soffits or walls. Powerful and robust yet delicate and minimalist.