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Customisable products

colecciones configurables

Vibia presents a unique portfolio of modular lighting, providing lighting professionals the opportunity to participate in creating a unique design. The online tool invite users to participate by creating their own settings and configure the luminaire in space that fit the needs and desires of the project

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Custom finish

acabado personalizado

Discover the lamps that allow for customised finishes. The lighting professional can identify and select the exact RAL or Pantone finish to help integrate the fitting with the other features of the space where it will be located.

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Wall Arts

Walls are the best canvas and light a luminous palette with which to draw, paint and sculp its vertical planes.


Light & shadows compositions

Artificial light sources allow us to set time.
Define and control shadows, at times becoming an extension of the product’s lighting effect at others reminders of the natural world brought indoors.

Origami planes

The junction between the different planes creates platonic volumes which combined with one another become part of a sculptural whole.

Patterns generation

Patterns and rhythms generated from product compositions and their visuals effects, shadows, reflection, tones, textures, subtleties...

Mural combinations

We can become our own creators of everyday art by combining Puck on our walls and creating an evocative and unique appearance.

Drawing of the wall

Symbols based on their own language, graphic expressions that take on volume and trace patterns over walls, luminous ideograms that reverberate with the decorative tone of the space.

Next extension

An extension inspired by connected yet free-form elements that caress their walls and ceilings to adapt to the spatial volume and participate with the interior design.