Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces

7th April, 2020

With most people working or studying from home these days, it’s often difficult to find a suitable setup for productivity. From homeschooling bored or boisterous children to significant others trying to maintain their daily schedules, the challenges abound.

To help create the right kind of environment for a range of work-at-home situations, we’ve come up with three inspired design ideas. In each, lighting plays a central role, helping you remain efficient, focused, and relaxed.

Traditional Work Space

A desk can provide the most seamless transition from an office or classroom environment, easily accommodating a laptop, lighting, and accessories.

The Pin table lamp by Ichiro Iwasaki pairs a bold, circular base and diminutive dome shade with lean lines, a distilled design that lends itself to a variety of desk styles and size. Ideal for a home office, the streamlined, LED-powered light has an adjustable head to direct light where needed on a work surface.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Pin

Also designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, the Tube pendant’s innovative form features a network of simple conduits that channel light to different shades. The steel tubes snake across the ceiling in a web of lines that recall a metro map, connecting to up to four LED-powered shades. The diffusers can be positioned in adjustable heights above a desk—or several desks—to suit your work space.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Tube

Another option is the Mayfair table lamp by Diego Fortunato. A modern reimagining of the 18th-century French bouillotte light, Mayfair is at once elegant and cutting-edge. Its classic form and sleek steel structure lend a polished presence to a desktop, while an optical sensor conveniently activates dimming of the LED-powered lamp.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Mayfair

Focused Retreat

For projects that call for shorter-term, intense focus, a comfortable chair tucked into a quiet corner can provide room for relaxed concentration.

The LED-powered Flamingo pendant pairs perfectly with sophisticated seating. With a deconstructed design by Antoni Arola that recalls its namesake bird, the ethereal form serves as a striking punctuation point marking the spot. Flamingo is equipped with a translucent diffuser that performs like a spotlight to assist with targeted illumination for studying files or analyzing statistics.


Arik Levy’s North Floor pendant is also an ideal accompaniment in a private nook. A combination of a floor light and hanging lamp, it cleverly connects the floor and ceiling through three distinct components: a triangular shade fitted with an LED-powered light, a slender stem, and a counterweight positioned on the floor. This disconnected design enables light to be directed precisely where needed when plowing through power points, while creating a stylish vignette at the same time.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - North

Limited Space

In a full house, space is often at a premium. In these circumstances, you may be forced to set up shop in an area that does double duty—the dining room, for instance. Several Vibia fixtures accommodate this need.

Match by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal is crafted of slim metal rods fitted with LED light terminals that form a geometric focal point. The fixture is customizable for any space, bathing the table below in ambient brightness while offering fixed points of light akin to individual table lamps for wherever you’re seated.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Match

Designed by Stefan Diez, the Guise pendant is an elegant choice to illuminate a table. The horizontal hanging lamp is crafted of precision-cut crystal and imbedded with a row of recessed LEDs. The light source appears invisible within the glass while the engraved surface radiates an intense glow that brightens the work space below. Deploying a pair of Guise pendants enhances the radiant effect and casts a broader swath of light if several people are sharing the table space.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Guise

Duo by Ramos & Bassols, a ceiling light with a wood interior and a gently curved profile, lends a relaxed, calming ambience for creative thinking. The wood infuses the LED-powered light with a warm glow for long hours of reading, while an aluminum exterior ensures even distribution of light.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Duo

Cosmos, a Lievore, Altherr, Molina design, is composed of flattened spheres suspended from slim cables. The minimalist, lacquered discs recall intergalactic forms floating in space, their simple silhouette and muted finishes telegraphing a tranquil sensibility to soothe stressed nerves. LEDs are embedded within the opaque diffuser, seamlessly unifying the design and the light source and generating a soft glow.

Vibia The Edit - Vibia Illuminates Remote Work Spaces - Cosmos

Evoking the mood of Zen minimalism, Rhythm by Arik Levy features slender light modules of varying lengths, each fitted with an LED module. Its unique rotation system allows the light sticks to move along the axis and be positioned in any direction, providing ambient downward illumination and precision lighting along the span of a table.

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