///The Tube Collection: A Fluid Landscape of Light

The Tube Collection: A Fluid Landscape of Light

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Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, the modular Tube collection consists of a network of simple tubes that channels light to different shades. Minimalist in concept and form, it nevertheless provides powerful capabilities for flexible, customisable designs.


Vibia - Stories - Tube hibrid composition


The steel conduits snake across the ceiling, creating a unique web of lines and angles that recall a metro map. They connect to up to four LED-powered shades, which can be positioned where desired. The shades are available in a variety of sizes, four colours of gray, and in ceiling or pendant styles with adjustable heights.


Vibia - Stories - Tube hibrid composition


One of Tube’s most compelling customisable features is the ability to combine the ceiling and pendant fixtures in a single lighting scheme, which users can create according to their own specifications at Vibia.


The ceiling lights, sleek and streamlined, cast a general, overhead glow in a room, while the pendants provide focused brightness in specific areas. Grouped together, the hybrid styles complement one another and serve multiple lighting needs simultaneously. What’s more, the differences in height generates an intriguing visual rhythm yet still maintains a fluid, unified look.