Featured on Instagram: North

2019-05-20T13:20:23+00:0020/05/2019 |

Arik Levy’s North defines a new class of modern decorative lighting based on space-oriented solutions. From the floor, wall or ceiling this collection of deconstructed lamps utilizes adjustability to create the perfect lighting effect ...

Inspired Ideas for Brightening Stairwells

2019-05-28T23:42:35+00:006/05/2019 |

An interior stairwell, typically narrow with a vertical alignment, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Finding the right fixture can both brighten and beautify utilitarian passageways between floors—and avoids the appearance of a dim and ...

Vibia and Euroluce: View Video Highlights

2019-04-17T14:24:51+00:0017/04/2019 |

Vibia recently wrapped up its participation in Euroluce 2019, the world’s premier lighting exhibition. With a boldly designed booth that debuted 10 new collections from renowned international designers, the event was an exciting ...

Featured on Instagram: Euroluce 2019

2019-04-22T19:54:15+00:0016/04/2019 |

Thousands trek each year to Milan, Italy for the world’s largest international furniture exposition where the city is completely taken over by design, art and architecture. Biannually the lighting portion, known as Euroluce, descends ...

Euroluce 2019: Vibia Unveils 10 New Lighting Collections

2019-04-16T16:53:45+00:0015/04/2019 |

Vibia’s participation in Euroluce 2019, the premier international lighting exhibition held in Milan every two years, represented a major success and an exciting benchmark for the brand. Our booth —a reflection of Vibia’s identity and evolution as a company— reveals our brand’s precise, architectural sensibility combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Note Design Studio’s Stunning New Art Installation

2019-03-27T12:17:46+00:0020/03/2019 |

A new subway linking central Stockholm with the neighboring Nacka area is offering more than additional infrastructure to the dynamic city. The municipal government decided to celebrate the high-profile project with accompanying public art ...

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