Must-See Summer Art Exhibits: Designer Picks

2019-08-01T12:52:25+00:001/08/2019 |

Summertime typically means plenty of downtime and a chance to catch up on your favourite leisure pursuits. For creative types, this often involves visits to art and cultural events around the world. We asked ...

Garden Path Lighting Solutions from Vibia

2019-07-31T14:25:44+00:0031/07/2019 |

One of summer’s simple pleasures is spending time in the garden—particularly those that beckon with lovely landscaping and well-designed details. Ensuring a garden and its walkway are properly illuminated help make the most of ...

Minimal Style, Maximum Impact: The Skan Pendant

2019-07-19T10:07:01+00:0019/07/2019 |

Sleek and understated, the Skan pendant adds a minimalist sensibility to any space. The LED-powered design by Lievore, Altherr, Molina is marked by a restrained geometric profile with its elegant interplay of lean lines and gentle curves ...

Vibia Presents Plug-In Pendants

2019-07-05T08:41:11+00:005/07/2019 |

Plug-In Pendants Prefer the look and lighting effect of a pendant but lack the hardwiring it requires? If you live in a rental apartment without the proper electrical source, a temporary space that’s too ...

Eat & Speak: Alicante, Spain

2019-06-18T09:57:04+00:0018/06/2019 |

Eat & Speak, a place to disconnect and talk together, enjoying a meal in an environment inspired by Mid-Century forms and contrasting metallic and natural finishes.     Located in the center of Spanish ...

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