Design through Collaboration with Stefan Diez

2018-04-09T10:11:03+00:00 9/04/2018 |

In celebration of the biennial Light + Building 2018, Vibia partnered with Stylepark and e15 furniture to introduce a new product design collaboration with German industrial designer, Stefan Diez.     The event ...

Vibia Designers Shed Light On The Design Process

2018-04-09T11:21:27+00:00 9/04/2018 |

This year at the biennial event, Light + Building, in Frankfurt, Germany, we were graciously visited by famous product designers, Arik Levy, Stefan Diez and Antoni Arola, to explain the inspiration behind their new ...

Light + Building 2018

2018-04-09T16:08:11+00:00 6/04/2018 |

This year we had a very positive experience in Frankfurt and we would love to share with you its greatest moments. Enjoy some of the instants captured by our camera!   Flamingo - Mayfair ...

Musa: A Poetic Expression of Light

2018-04-09T10:26:06+00:00 5/04/2018 |

Designed by Kristoffer Fagerström and Charlotte Ackerman of the Stockholm collective Note Design Studio, the new Musa collection for Vibia is inspired by nature’s poetic delicacy.

My Pick: 2018 collections

2018-04-06T13:28:32+00:00 3/04/2018 |

Vibia asked architects and design professionals what their new favorite product is from the new 2018 collections. Here are some of our favorites:   PALMA, designed by Antoni Arola, allows an interior to take ...

Enviable Entrances Illuminated by Vibia

2018-03-12T12:30:16+00:00 9/03/2018 |

An entry area is an opportunity to make a strong first impression, and businesses often use this space strategically to telegraph their unique culture and set an immediate mood. A key component in establishing ...

Make A Design Statement With Dazzling Chandeliers

2018-04-09T11:13:23+00:00 8/03/2018 |

Dramatic lighting is one of best ways to make a design statement, and chandeliers—with their substantial size and striking silhouettes—are ideally suited to the task. Whether creating an eye-catching focal point or filling a ...

An Artful Impact: Vibia Wall Lighting

2018-03-13T12:43:41+00:00 7/03/2018 |

Although intended to illuminate swaths of wall space, some wall lights transcend their practical purpose with designs that double as dramatic décor. Our favourites are those fixtures whose impact extends even beyond their striking ...

Trends 2018: A Local Designer’s Perspective

2018-03-13T12:43:42+00:00 6/03/2018 |

Every year, new colors, patterns and practices for working sustainability into public spaces reflect the ever-changing world and needs of building owners. Putting aside all the buzz words and trend reports, we asked Amy ...

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