Instagram Love: Flamingo

2018-09-12T10:33:33+00:00 12/09/2018 |

The intimate symmetry of Flamingo's diffusers creates a contrasting distinction from the geometric pattern on the adjacent wall.

Productivity Hacks from 5 Design Professionals

2018-09-14T16:19:32+00:00 11/09/2018 |

These five dynamic design professionals have something in common: they are all amazing at organizing, planning and efficiency. So exactly how do they power through a week of time-crunched creativity, client presentations, job site ...

Standout Ceiling Lights

2018-09-13T09:44:23+00:00 10/09/2018 |

Ideal for all-around illumination, ceiling lamps often serve as the primary lighting source in a space. But these reliable workhorses can also play an important design role, complementing the architecture and atmosphere or acting as a stylish accent. Here, we’ve selected several standout projects where our ceiling lights steal the show. 

How To: Design A Place To Cool Out

2018-07-25T15:02:58+00:00 20/07/2018 |

After hours of baking in the hot sun, a cool and comfortable space to unwind is undeniably a must. So how do you create the design equivalent toice cream on a hot day? The ...

Crafted to Perfection: Guise’s Premium Glass

2018-07-13T09:37:47+00:00 12/07/2018 |

  Winner of the prestigious 2018 Red Dot and German Design Awards, the Guise collection by Stefan Diez is crafted of the highest-quality, industrial borosilicate glass from SCHOTT Tubing, the premiere international manufacturer of specialty ...

Vibia Lighting: Illuminating Shopping Experiences

2018-07-11T09:44:21+00:00 11/07/2018 |

Shopping for the perfect purchase often involves more than browsing store merchandise. While products take pride of place, establishing an appealing ambience—and one that’s consistent with a particular brand’s culture—is part of engaging customers. ...

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