Q&A with Lievore Altherr

10th January, 2019

Lievore Altherr is an acclaimed Barcelona-based design studio with a distinguished 25-year history. Led by principals Alberto Lievore and Jeannette Altherr, the firm specializes in product design and development, creative direction and strategic consulting. Known for work that emphasizes harmony and balance, their roster of internationally recognized clients include Camper, Bernhardt Design, Poltrana Frau and Vibia, for whom they designed the award-winning Tempo collection.


Vibia - Stories - Q A Lievore Altherr


We interviewed Jeannette Altherr and Dennis Park from the Lievore Altherr Studio to uncover some of the secrets of their success and what inspires them.


¿ What is the most relevant influence in your designs?

The search for Balance and Harmony

Before doing anything else we try to get to grips with the life, the people, and spaces that we live in … and by the way, sharing a good meal is one of the best ways to get to that point!


The best and worst things about designing as a team

The best: a wider perspective sharing and learning. The magic of being able to arrive at something which would not be possible on one’s own.
The worst: when someone’s ego gets in the way, overriding our shared values.

We really enjoy the different perspectives and the people working with us in the studio. I can’t think of anything negative!


Your best quality and worst weakness

Quality: curiosity …and getting to the bottom of things.
Weakness: impatience.


Your favourite quote?

More than a quote, it’s something that I misunderstood so that it made more sense to me: “To be natural is a very difficult pose to keep up.” Oscar Wilde said it cynically, because he didn’t believe in nature, while I know the knowledge and the work that goes into designing something, whether it be an object or an image, that has the virtue of appearing spontaneous, simple, easy, as if it had always been there.

“A true journey for discovery is not finding new land, but having new eyes.” Andrea Pazienza


Your favourite moment of the day is … 

At sunset. Especially at my home which is designed to capture the magic of the setting sun.

When we take a coffee break together every morning in the studio. When we share ideas, recipes, stories and jokes….


A book that everyone should read 

I’ve become a real fan of podcasts, taking advantage of my daily journeys made by car or train. Recently I’ve been listening to the “Waking up” podcast by Sam Harris. I love his way of being able to maintain an open and intelligent conversation without sacrificing his convictions.

It depends so much on each individual! Some of our favourites are: Siddhartha de Hesse, I feel a real connection with the protagonist in her lyrical search for meaning. The books of Chinua Achebe, who writes in a constructed language, one that is direct but filled with ‘fables’ exploring social aspects of African villages.  And Tom Wolfe’s The Painted Word, even if it’s over exaggerated, it’s very ironic, incisive and entertaining.


A famous person with whom you’d like to spend a day

Sam Harris. I’m not sure if he’s really famous but it would be an interesting day.


Something that is always in your fridge

Real, proper bread and a good quality olive oil (not kept in the fridge)

A cliché but …chocolate.



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