Palma Brightens Barcelona’s Gates Hotel

18th February, 2019

Located on Barcelona’s famed Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, the Gates Hotel occupies a prime location on Avenida Diagonal near the landmark Torre Agbar skyscraper.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel-6


The Light Squad Studio recently designed and carried out the new lighting project for both the Gates’ lobby and terrace, seamlessly co-mingling historical and modern references to the thriving metropolis.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel -1


Natural materials like marble, brass and walnut abound, lend a rich, earthy ambience, while luxe upholstery in jewel tones is juxtaposed with the neutral walkways.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel -2


Regarding the illumination system, the lighting experts sought to create an elegant modern look for the loft-like lobby and established different accent spots across the long and diaphanous area to easily guide the guest throughout the space.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel -3


At one end, a cozy seating area flanked by dark wood cabinetry and bookshelves is defined by Vibia’s Palma. Designed by Antoni Arola, Palma connects lighting and vegetation with a striking pendant that appears to float in mid-air.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel -4


Suspended at different heights from a nearly imperceptible cable and coupled with lush, cascading greenery, the composition of blown-glass globes recalls an ancient hanging garden. Positioned near an oversized potted palm, it creates interior landscape that nods to nature and enhances the hotel’s organic, relaxed sensibility.


Vibia - Stories - Gates Hotel -6


Palma’s LED-powered illumination casts a warm glow of wraparound illumination, perfect for the subdued, library-like setting.



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