///My pick: Tempo collection

My pick: Tempo collection

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Inspired by archetypal lighting fixtures found in various regions of the world throughout history, the Tempo collection by design team Lievore Altherr features three streamlined styles and two fittings, each providing a distinct look and lighting atmosphere.

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One style features a classic round bulb and a minimalist, disc-shaped shade that directs light downwards. Another reimagines the traditional glass globe in an oval diffuser with progressively opaque glass that emits a soft glow. The third lamp in the Tempo collection features a triangular bulb with translucent, opal glass for a diffuse, ambient light. The fixtures are available in a choice of clean-lined pendant or cantilevered wall-sconce fittings.

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With myriad options available in one unified lighting system, we decided to poll some of our design friends to find out which Tempo light preferred. Read on as they discuss their favorites.


Parisian architect Claire Perraudin with CLP design selected the disc-shaped wall lamp. “I like its simplicity. The elbow of the wall arm that supports them softens the silhouette of the lamp.”

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Architect and interior designer Caroline Nava of bureau Guy Stapels in Belgium was also drawn to this style. “There are few wide-format wall light choices on the market and a lot of suspension styles. This one is sober with a beautiful presence” she explains.


Amandine Kroonen, a Belgian architect with Bureau d’Architecture Luc Spits favored the triangular wall version of Tempo for its “finesse, originality and elegance, all of which create a sculptural element.”

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Jelena, a Dubai lighting designer from CD+M Lighting Design Group, chose the globe wall lamp for its “beautiful, traditional form and unique contemporary design,” as did the Maba Design team, from Israel, who pronounces its design “perfect.”

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Francis Leong, a designer with P&F Interior Design in Singapore loved the globe in a pendant fitting for its “simple, clean form”,

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while Barcelona’s lighting executive Elizabeth Jerez pointed to its sleek and luminous design “as ideal for ambient kitchen lighting.”


The triangular pendant was picked by Iran Yaya of Seville describing it as “unique, simple, elegant, and luminous.” Manish Nagar, lighting desginer from Indore, India, also opted for this pendant, calling it at once “edgy and classic”.

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The disc-shaped Tempo pendant “spoke to” Sara Cuyt from Dmlights, Belgium, who noted its elegance,

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while Anna Skibicka-Bennett, a United Kingdom interior designer, appreciates its “simplicity and timelessness.” 


We would like to give a special thank you to all of you who kindly responded our poll. It was very helpful feedback. We appreciate it very much.