Light Compositions: Tel Aviv Penthouse Apartment

2nd February, 2016

Orly Avron Alkabe, the lighting designers for this penthouse apartment located in Tel Aviv, Israel were inspired by the three dimensional geometry of the architecture to create a lighting scheme which resonates with its interior design. Square Compositions Penthouse, the 400 sq.m. apartment designed by Pitsou Kidem Architects involved joining 4 apartments of a luxurious residential tower in a new high rise area of the city Park Tzameret which are unified by colour (predominantly white) and a cubist treatment of the planes and surfaces that define the living spaces and the areas of circulation.




The light fittings are considered as another layer of the architecture, during the day acting as complimentary sculptural forms while at night creating dramatic effects that add another luminous dimension to the project. The treatment of the apartment walls and ceilings is reflected by the choice of three VIBIA light fittings, LINK, FOLD and RHYTHM.




LINK is used within a double height study space that visually connects upper and lower apartment levels drawing the eye upwards while its cubic forms assembled over the worktop within the lower ceiling of the open plan kitchen area provide both a practical and evocative lighting solution perfectly in tune with its surroundings.




A folded metal plate stair with a minimalist glazed handrail detail is contrasted with the RHYTHM light fitting, a kinetic sculpture the designers achieved by joining two light fittings together to form a 4 metre high installation which is hung from above, its rotating rods throwing light and shadows onto the ceiling.