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Customisable products

colecciones configurables

Vibia presents a unique portfolio of modular lighting, providing lighting professionals the opportunity to participate in creating a unique design. The online tool invite users to participate by creating their own settings and configure the luminaire in space that fit the needs and desires of the project

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Custom finish

acabado personalizado

Discover the lamps that allow for customised finishes. The lighting professional can identify and select the exact RAL or Pantone finish to help integrate the fitting with the other features of the space where it will be located.

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Landscape Integration

Points of light are integrated through formal and functional lighting relationships, becoming part of the overall plan where everything has a raison d’être.


Mimetic essence

A spirit of mimetic form using fractured volumes for pure rational independent elements.

Pure materiality

Raw materials, restrained expression constructed along orthogonal planes that combine perfectly with other pure forms.

Natural complicity

The complicity of natural elements which become a starting point for their symbolic representation.

Outdoor adaptation

Outdoor spaces where levels of light are adjusted to match real requirements, without any strident, incorporating discreet changes within the landscape and respecting the general ambient lighting.

In the forest

A gentle breeze makes the graceful movement of a floral expression more evident, integrated within the natural vegetation.