An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

Arik Levy is the designer of the North wall light collection for Vibia. The base which is fixed to the wall and the light source are separated from one another in space in order to offer a surprising lighting effect. Vibia produces the North wall lamps in four tones of lacquered matt so that they can be adapted to all sorts of decors for both private and public use. All feature LED light sources.

Designed by

Arik Levy

Arik Levy




Design Concepts

Catch the light

Vibia for foodies II: Fine international dining meets stunning lighting design

Eating out has become an integral part of our culture, with endless food options and higher quality than ever before. But with the rise of an increasingly dynamic dining scene, what helps distinguish a restaurant[...]

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“Design is an uncontrolled muscle” according to Arik Levy

Designer, technician, artist, photographer, filmmaker, Levy’s skills are multidisciplinary and his work is exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums around the world. Best known for his innovation and design thinking for global companies as well[...]

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Deconstructing: The North light fixture

By taking something apart we get to understand more fully what makes it work, its wholeness and intricacies. Deconstruction is exploration. Manufactured by Vibia North represents the exploration by designer Arik Levy into what makes[...]

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Making of North

    Every design product starts somewhere, the idea for North was hatched while designer Arik Levy was reclining on his surf board in the sea waiting for the swell just before dawn; That magical[...]

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North : Aurora Borealis

  We free ourselves from lineal thinking and break down the design process to come up with new realities. The changing seasons when the sun generates different reflections at varying angles and intensities inspired the[...]

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