Vibia offers a wide range of designer wall lamps. Vibia’s wall lights provide spatial depth and artistic plasticity to walls, converting them into three dimensional murals. Walls become the backdrop for a fluid choreography of light and shade, offering added value to any interior design project based on the possibility of converting the wall into a compositional mural defined by light. Wall lights are put at the service of the interior designers providing them with a range of tools for converting the wall into a feature, suitable for both public spaces (wall lamps for restaurants, offices, hotels…) and private spaces (wall lamps for bedrooms, living rooms…). Most of Vibia’s wall lights incorporate LED light sources.

Designed by
Arik Levy
Designer, technician, artist, photographer and maker; Arik Levy works on multidisciplinary projects, his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Arik Levy as a lamp designer for Vibia has created a series of collections which share a refined and sculptural approach to forms: as can be appreciated with the Wireflow and Rhythm hanging lamp collections or the Structural, Fold and Sparks wall lamps. All of these collections allow the end user, whether private client or professional to customise the lamps according to their lighting project requirements.