An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

Empty lamps form part of the 'Furniture meets light' concept created for Vibia. The Empty outdoor lighting collection designed by Xuclà aims to integrate light fitting and side table or stool module within a single piece of furniture.

Vibia offers a series of different pieces of varying sizes that can be adapted to outdoor use both for garden and terrace areas.

The Empty outdoor light provides path lighting and comfortable illumination for exteriors thanks to its use of LEDs.

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Design Concepts

Must to talk

Plenum emptyness

Time to rest

Pure materiality

Statement- making outdoor lighting

Today’s outdoor lighting rivals indoor designs for quality and creativity. Stunning statement pieces abound, allowing you to create instant atmosphere and enhance distinctive landscape features. We’ve selected some of our favorite one-of-a-kind fixtures, each an[...]

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Outdoor lighting, tips and recommendations from lighting designer Xuclà

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Material Concepts: Concrete Urban Sculpture

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EMPTY: Illuminated Concrete Seating for the Outdoors

Winner of the 2015 Best of Year Award for seating and tables, EMPTY is matter and light integrated in a single sculptural, functional entity. Designed by Xuclà, its rational structure and architectonic language are combined[...]

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Living the night in the outdoors with Vibia

With the arrival of the good weather, outdoor spaces become the backdrops of our lives where the interplay between light and people creates the perfect atmosphere to make for a complete, intense and unique experience.[...]

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