An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

The North floor lamp collection is an Arik Levy design. Its design is elegant, varied, dynamic and very adaptable. The North collection makes it possible to bring light to exactly where we want it. Several arms protrude from the base, between two and four depending on the model, configured at differing angles in order to provide a focused lighting effect where needed. Vibia produces the North floor lamps in different finishes responding to contemporary trends as well as using LED as a light source. All floor lamp models can be plugged in or directly connected.

Designed by

Arik Levy

Arik Levy




Design Concepts

Catch the light

A New Twist on Arik Levy’s North Collection: A Floor Pendant That Floats

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Light, Dislocated: Arik Levy’s Innovative North Lamp

Designed by Arik Levy for Vibia, the North floor lamp collection was inspired by differences in the angle and intensity of sunlight as the seasons change.     A striking composition of geometric forms, its[...]

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