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Halo Circular

An Authentic light sculpture floating in space

Designed by

Martin Azua

Martin Azua





Spaces en la Haya

How LEDs Have Transformed Lighting Design

The advent of cutting-edge LED technology has dramatically affected lighting over the past decade. No longer driven by a particular lighting source, designers now have free reign to experiment with form and special effects. We[...]

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Spotlight on Corporate Workplaces: The Hague’s Spaces Building

Today’s most cutting-edge companies are creating workspaces that reflect their innovative approaches, environments that both facilitate collaboration and inspire employees with unique designs.   Case in point: the Spaces building in The Hague. Housed in[...]

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Q&A With Martín Azúa

A Barcelona-based Basque designer, Martín Azúa has worked for many international companies and organizations, including Kvadrat, Camper, Droog, the European Athletics Championships and Expo Zaragoza. For Vibia, he created the customizable Halo collection. Dedicated to product,[...]

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Merging Light and Matter: The Halo Collection

Designed by Martín Azúa for Vibia, our Halo collection represents the seamless merging of light and matter. Powered by LED that remain invisible within their simple, translucent molds, the light flows freely from its source.[...]

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Meet Halo: Our Newest Modular Lighting System

HALO, designed by Martín Azúa, is composed of myriad LED strips, dressed in an opalized PMMA diffuser and appearing to float in air. Empowering the user with creative freedom, it can be suspended at any[...]

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