Discover Vibia’s range of bathroom lighting. Innovative and premium design which incorporate LED technology and lend the bathroom an additional dimension. Vibia’s bathroom lamps can be fitted on the walls or the ceiling and lend a diffuse, even and pleasant light, equally suitable for public spaces (bathroom lighting for wellness centres) as well as private areas (bathroom lighting). Outdoor Lighting Vibia offers an extensive range of outdoor lighting with numerous applications: hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lights, table lamps or portable lamps suitable for outdoor use with a minimum IP of 64 guaranteed. The use of LED as a light source allows for the development of two outdoor lighting concepts: lighting collections that imitate and integrate with the natural and manmade landscape as well as fittings which are combined with exterior furniture in order to provide a double functional, light source and object. Vibia’s outdoor lighting collections are ideal for both public and private gard

Designed by
Ramos & Bassols
Los diseñadores Ramos & Bassols se dedican desde hace años al diseño y desarrollo de productos vinculados a sectores diversos: menaje, iluminación, mobiliario de hogar, contract, mobiliario urbano y producto. Para Vibia han desarrollado múltiples proyectos de iluminación, entre los cuales encontramos los apliques de pared y lectura Alpha, las lámparas de techo Duo y Domo, las lámparas de sobremesa de lectura Flex, las lámparas para techo o pared Micro, las lámparas de baño Millenium, las lámparas de exterior Plis Outdoor, los plafones de techo Up y la colección Warm. Toda una gran variedad de lámparas para todo tipo de aplicaciones y áreas para ser usadas.