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Vibia presents a unique portfolio of modular lighting, providing lighting professionals the opportunity to participate in creating a unique design. The online tool invite users to participate by creating their own settings and configure the luminaire in space that fit the needs and desires of the project

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Discover the lamps that allow for customised finishes. The lighting professional can identify and select the exact RAL or Pantone finish to help integrate the fitting with the other features of the space where it will be located.

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Thursday celebration


The three of us met twenty years ago, when our fledgling careers coincided in several projects. As we collaborated and shared ideas, we became friends.

Our lives were filling up with family and work commitments, and it became increasingly difficult to arrange to meet up, and so we more or less spontaneously fixed on the first Thursday of each month as our day to have a good time together.

Gastronomic symbiosis

Cooking is a creative and often experimental art that has evolved over time, surprising us with new alternatives that convey the identity of their creators, such as their origins and culture, and this identity is shared with their public.

As restaurants are social spaces where the main activity revolves around a table, they require a visual balance and welcoming atmosphere in order to create comfortable surroundings that suggest the character of the place and its food, playing on our senses to first charm us visually and then reaffirm the impression through our taste buds.

The appearance of the dishes, their colour, texture, and the general atmosphere will be strongly influenced by the use of light.


At the beginning it was up to each of us in turn to choose and book a restaurant, with the idea of sharing with and surprising the rest of the group with the gastronomic treasures we already knew or had discovered.

Today we still meet up to eat in some places that have become part of our gastronomic map, those returned to and basically corresponding to our tastes: good food, pleasant and efficient service, authentic alternatives, and a welcoming atmosphere.

An invitation to enter


We live surrounded by sensory factors that condition our attitudes without our realising. Before tasting any of its specialities, a restaurant attracts us visually, inviting us to cross the threshold and choose one of its dishes.

The entrance of a restaurant is where the experience begins, so it should make a good impression and offer proof of good taste by highlighting the characteristics of the place.

Welcome spaces for customers in which the light will capture their attention, welcoming and introducing them, just as a good host would do.

Our Monthly Gastronomic Committee became – and still is – a pleasant excuse to stay in touch by enjoying a good meal, following our ritual of sharing each dish in order to comment on it.

Each person has their own evaluation criteria, but we could say that we are three diehard foodies who like cooking in all its aspects, from the product itself, to culinary techniques, and also tradition, but without renouncing more innovative alternatives.

Lounge bar

When visiting a restaurant it is common to make a stop in that area where people meet for a snack or a cocktail. The lounge / bar is a space to relax and chat while waiting before entering the dining room.

This space usually provides an atmosphere of intimacy and confidence, achieved by means of low lighting levels and highlighting points of interest. With the use of Slim lighting, a subtle and pleasant accent light point is introduced into the space. We can also choose to enjoy ourselves directly at the bar with the effect of Curtain in harmony with the surroundings, allowing people to interact informally.


The discoveries that we have liked most and have been pleasantly surprised by are the ones that motivate us to continue searching for different places to learn, share, discover other cultures and recharge our batteries by enjoying good food, drink and conversation in good company.

These spaces have become witnesses of our celebrations, discussions, recurring jokes and events in the life of each of us, the home of our friendship.

Culinary immersion

A good dining room should have the quality of inviting us to stay at the table as long as necessary to experience what is offered. Spaces where there is a fusion between gastronomy and atmosphere, where we feel comfortable, and willing to taste the dishes cooked for us. Lighting plays a very important role, since the environment we are in will condition how we eat and experience the food.

There are many factors that influence our way of perceiving a dish, so that the style of cooking, from the most basic to the most complex, must be in tune with the interior of the restaurant and the light in the space, creating a favourable perceptual equilibrium of the place.


A dining room is a harmonious space with soft lighting but in which we should be able to read a menu as well as to appreciate all nuances of the food. It is where the dish is centre stage, making it the protagonist.

The general overhead lighting base must be in tune with a controlled accent on the tables, which will allow us to satisfy the functional and emotional needs of the customers.


Next Thursday it’s my turn to organise, and I have a surprise ready for them. I am an illustrator and, without their knowledge, I have been working on a guide that includes the fifty best restaurants we have been to. I’m going to give them a special edition that I’ve prepared with photos and memories of the three of us.

My Top 50 ranges from places with Michelin stars to pubs unknown to most people, but in all of them you eat well, and they have a special meaning for us as they remind us of many moments that we have lived and enjoyed together.

Celebratory atmosphere


A good atmosphere is what makes an evening a success, which is determined by the expression of the people who enjoy the space.

Gastronomy is a part of the recipe along with the design, architecture and lighting, brought together to provide a complete sensory experience of everything we experience and feel from the moment we set foot in the restaurant until we leave.

The main ingredients of good lighting atmosphere such as colour reproduction, level of brightness or visual comfort must be carefully controlled, as they will help us to generate the different scenarios necessary in a restaurant setting.