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Vibia presents a unique portfolio of modular lighting, providing lighting professionals the opportunity to participate in creating a unique design. The online tool invite users to participate by creating their own settings and configure the luminaire in space that fit the needs and desires of the project

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Discover the lamps that allow for customised finishes. The lighting professional can identify and select the exact RAL or Pantone finish to help integrate the fitting with the other features of the space where it will be located.

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Diary of a landscape designer


Friday, February 10

Today I start a new project in a hotel; I walked round the estate all morning, the soil seems fertile, and there are some incredible panoramic views. I have been talking to the owner and he wants to emphasise the social use of the exterior, regardless of the time of year.

In view of the possibilities of the environment, I have proposed a natural garden for recreation with a transition zone that can be seen from the interior. I would also like to create the essence of the hotel through a combination of fragrant flowers on the access road, as a welcoming perfume.

Exterior spaces

When designing the exterior spaces of a hotel, it is essential to take into account the preferences and lifestyle of its guests, as well as the nature of its offer, whether it is a boutique, business, holiday, sports, or mountain hotel…, creating environments that offer a pleasant experience, looking for a synthesis between landscape, architecture and lighting.

These full-of-life scenarios require a light adapted to both the public access areas, common areas and for various activities, as well as the areas of relaxation and contemplation, so we must treat each of these spaces individually, within a global design concept of the whole.


Wednesday, February 29

This afternoon I was with the architects who are undertaking the work and they showed me the whole project. The building will have a horseshoe shape and they would love to have a series of paths and tracks integrated into the garden, converging on the main access.

We are going to work together on lighting the whole of the exterior so that the overall architectural concept extends into the garden area, the patios and terraces. I will take into account the night landscape that will be created when the sun sets and the artificial light interacts with all the elements.

Welcome and circulation

Access zones are the first space that we see when arriving at a hotel, public areas with an emotional and functional component where the guests begin their experience, and so they must be designed to make a pleasant impression on the guests.

A well-lit path offers a light that extends hospitality, creating an exterior-interior connection in a gradual and evocative way to access or leave the hotel complex. To achieve this effect we will use path lights that will guide us along the borders of paths, patios and entrances.

We can also highlight the vertical planes of the building with accent lighting or integrate wall lights on the adjacent walls, which will capture guests’ attention.


Monday, March 10

Last night one of the owners called me to tell me that it is vital to take advantage of the common areas; he wants the patios and terraces to be very social spaces, where guests may enjoy the gastronomic and leisure facilities on offer.

I think it would also be interesting to suggest to him the creation of “living rooms” integrated into the natural landscape, mini chill-out spaces bordered by the existing plants and flowers, to create oases of privacy and peacefulness.

Enjoy the open air

To enjoy an evening in the open air we will need just the right light to obtain a suitable atmosphere and for the spaces to convey a pleasant feeling, inviting us to sit down to eat, chat or simply rest.

Ambient lighting in the exterior allows us to highlight the points of interest, to create a visual balance and an environment that satisfies the basic needs of use and, at the same time, reinforces the architectural design.

In sheltered semi-covered areas we will use the building elements to enhance the desired light effects with standing, pendant or overlapping wall lamps.


Meanwhile, in the completely outdoor spaces with direct contact with the natural environment, the combination of the furniture with the lamps will create flexible islands of meeting and enjoyment.


Saturday, March 29

This morning I was introduced to the team of gardeners who will be in charge of the maintenance of the hotel. They are very good people and know the area well. With their cooperation and the possibilities offered by the space, I am sure that – based on the initial design – we will achieve a spectacular project.

In the afternoon I visited nurseries in search of species native to the county. It’s already mid-March, so we must select and plan ahead. When working with plants we must plan the execution times very well and start to shape the terrain so that they can regenerate and adapt to their new location.

Natural integration

Gardens are living elements that follow the dictates of the seasons, and where in general lighting is relegated to second place, in order to highlight the desired effects, and seeking to give prominence to both architectural and natural elements.

In these zones it is advisable to illuminate points of interest selectively, creating patterns and forms through the interaction of light and shadows, offering solutions that imitate the environment or stand out subtly and intentionally to fulfill their functions.


Monday, April 15

We have already started to work on the ground with local plants. Their adaptation to the surroundings is more effective and the space more friendly with the fauna and we are going to create a small ecosystem with an organic mulch, which will keep all the plants healthy and fresh.

In my work, when finishing a project, we must wait for nature to take its course in order to see the final result. But experience allows me to imagine how all the elements will be integrated, in that synthesis between man-made and natural creation.

Living the landscape


In a hotel complex, a transitional atmosphere between the exterior and the interior accompanies the guests through a sensory experience, letting them enjoy the daytime scene as well as revealing the landscape in the grandeur of the night.

Spaces in which the light interacts with the people who are enjoying the space and creates the ideal climate for the experience to be complete, intense and special. Lighting is a variable that affects mood and perception of space, fostering positive, memorable and pleasant stimuli during the stay.

At the end of their stay, the guests will leave the hotel happy and with the feeling that the experience and space have been designed to meet their particular needs and tastes.