Bedroom lighting: Creating atmospheres

29th November, 2017

All inhabited rooms require a specific type of illumination depending on how they are used and what activities they are destined to accommodate. No room is more challenging to light than the bedroom, given the fundamental importance of light to its functional and recreational requirements.




The room where we probably spend most time, albeit unconscious, must create a variety of different atmospheres depending on the time of day and our frame of mind. Whether it be romantic, soporific or functional the bedroom is the backdrop to key moments of our day and our lives, from creating the optimum conditions for dropping off to sleep, catching up on reading material or a romantic encounter the bedroom is a fascinating stage for lighting designers and interior designers to practice their craft.




VIBIA presents a number of collections that respond to these special challenges, facilitating customised solutions for this most sacrosanct of rooms, whether it be within the home or for larger contract projects such as hotels or dormitories.

The assorted typologies of light fittings take on a different life within the bedroom, wall lamps placed in proximity to the bed are used for reading but also create an atmosphere, suspended fittings are as much a decorative statement as a source of illumination, floor lamps establish depth and ambience within specific corners to be accentuated. While normally the bedroom is a non-inhabited space during the hours of natural light the room takes on a completely separate identity with the arrival of darkness, then it becomes the antechamber to the unconscious world, the altar to that most necessary of human activities, sleep.




Light fitting and furniture accessory become fused through the SUITE collection of lamps designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal with integrated LED lighting. The combination of bedside table with angle poise lamp, wall shelf with integrated reading light or decorative wall luminary create a collection of multipurpose furniture and objects, both practical and decorative.




The ALPHA wall lamp is a reading lamp which also provides bedside ambient lighting. Designed by the Ramos & Bassols design studio this sleek 12 cm square cubic fitting featuring LED technology can swivel through 75 degrees and turns through 360 degrees making it an ideal reading light.




WARM is a collection of lamps designed by Ramos & Bassols conceived to create atmospheres through its reinterpretation of the classic shade diffuser, a familiar form coupled with contemporary technology whether it be suspended from the ceiling or supported on a stem with a wide circular base.




I.CONO is a collection of lamps that reinterprets an archetypal classic using contemporary know-how, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina the collection includes standard, table and wall versions. Defined by its simplicity of form, the swivel mechanisms are concealed, all attention is focused on the tapered conical silhouette of the shade which directs a soft light to the desired ends of the user.




JOIN is an avant-garde lamp designed by Jordi Vilardell, a traditional translucent shade is suspended within a transparent outer bell jar both made of borosilicate glass with a threaded cable, like a precious glow worm caught for our contemplation and delight.