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Match: Avant-Garde in An Alpine Space

2019-02-05T10:48:01+00:005/02/2019 |

In an interview, the couple who own this home told Mountain Living that they found the Match light for their dining room before even building the house. Finally finding a place to break ground amid the ...

Instagram Love: Workplace & Corporate

2019-01-29T11:03:46+00:0029/01/2019 |

Well designed places and spaces make it a joy to come to work each morning. Here is a look at how architects and designers used lighting to best affect the different zones throughout the ...

The Versatility of Vibia’s Tempo Wall Lamp

2019-01-09T13:31:27+00:009/01/2019 |

Designed by Lievore Altherr, Tempo is a contemporary take on classic lighting archetypes. The streamlined, LED-powered fixture features a wall sconce version that is available in two arm lengths, providing versatile solutions for a ...

Vibia Lights Up the Stunning Retreat at Blue Lagoon

2019-01-23T13:37:32+00:008/01/2019 |

Named one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is internationally renowned for its geothermal healing seawater and otherworldly volcanic landscape. Built directly into the 800-year-old lava flow in the ...

Best of Vibia: Hospitality Hot Spots

2018-11-05T11:51:09+00:005/11/2018 |

Vibia lighting lends itself to a wide range of environments, but certain settings provide the ideal fit for particular fixtures. Here, we’ve selected our favorite applications of Vibia designs in hospitality, from a stylish ...

Design a Dramatic Entrance With Vibia Lighting

2018-12-04T14:31:47+00:008/10/2018 |

A building’s entrance offers a first glimpse of a space, creating a critical first—and often lasting initial—impressions. How this area is designed and illuminated is integral to establishing the mood and personality, showcasing prominent architectural features and providing a unique atmosphere.

Standout Ceiling Lights

2018-09-13T09:44:23+00:0010/09/2018 |

Ideal for all-around illumination, ceiling lamps often serve as the primary lighting source in a space. But these reliable workhorses can also play an important design role, complementing the architecture and atmosphere or acting as a stylish accent. Here, we’ve selected several standout projects where our ceiling lights steal the show. 

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