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How To: Design A Place To Cool Out

2018-07-25T15:02:58+00:0020/07/2018 |

After hours of baking in the hot sun, a cool and comfortable space to unwind is undeniably a must. So how do you create the design equivalent toice cream on a hot day? The ...

Metropolis Likes Award 2018

2018-07-18T09:09:00+00:009/07/2018 |

Vibia’s MAYFAIR lamp is a winner of the prestigious #MetropolisLikes award for 2018, given by Metropolis magazine. This one-of-a-kind award , made in Austin, Texas, is made from urban reclaimed wood from a sycamore ...

Ambient, task and accent lighting 101

2018-02-13T11:36:10+00:002/02/2018 |

Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, the recommended way to light a space is by utilizing different types of fixtures, each fulfilling a distinct function. Considering how an area is used as well ...