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The Latest

Skan: Purity of Form

Artists of the most quotidian language construct difference through details, something that only a handful of designers around the world can do, achieving visually accessible products that always have their own spirit. Liévore, Altherr and Molina achieve this purity of form with the Skan. Read more...

PLUS: best Architectural lighting product

PLUS, winner of best Architectural lighting product, acts like a real skylight, simulating the sun’s rays filtering through the ceiling. Thanks to its convex acrylic diffuser, this piece creates the sensation of light coming from beyond. See it installed in this warm and functional office space created by YLAB Arquitectos studio. Read more...

NEW Ameba Express Configurations

Sculpture, architecture and atmosphere unite in a single form. Made up of 5 different shapes, the modular collection AMEBA allows endless compositions to be created in moments.


A World of Creativity: Custom Finish Program

Our newest innovation, a CUSTOM FINISH program, pushes the boundaries defined by standard finish options. Read More...

Create an exclusive design configuring Rhythm

Create unique projects with the Rhythm designed by Arik Levy. Choose from 25 different variations of orientation and scale, ranging from a horizontal 20-inch cluster to a 7-feet long vertical chandelier. Infinite visions, infinite compositions.

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