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The Latest

NEW Ameba Express Configurations

Sculpture, architecture and atmosphere unite in a single form. Made up of 5 different shapes, the modular collection AMEBA allows endless compositions to be created in moments.


Create an exclusive design configuring Rhythm

Create unique projects with the Rhythm designed by Arik Levy. Choose from 25 different variations of orientation and scale, ranging from a horizontal 20-inch cluster to a 7-feet long vertical chandelier. Infinite visions, infinite compositions. Read more...

SKAN: Basic shapes and clean lines

SKAN, a pendant light featuring pure, stylized shapes and dimmable LED technology is the perfect solution for any contemporary lighting project.

Now available in LED

The best selling collections by VIBIA evolve with the integration of LED light sources, creating new possibilities for the inclusion of decorative lighting. Read more...

WIREFLOW makes headlines as Best of Year 2014

Interior Design Magazine recognizes the new collection WIREFLOW as Best Pendant Lighting 2014. Read more...

A World of Creativity: Custom Finish Program

Our newest innovation, a CUSTOM FINISH program, pushes the boundaries defined by standard finish options. Read More...